Using our Chief Frame Systems we can pull and straighten any frame problems you might have. From small, unitized body vehicles to large, full-frame vehicles like trucks, vans and even the biggest sport utility vehicles. Our technicians have over 50 years of frame experience to make sure each vehicle is back to specs.
The Chief S21M Pulling System allows us to pull your vehicles frame back to its precise manufacturers specifications. The frame machine uses unique simultaneous multiple pulling method, which precisely reverses collision damage for the most accurate repair possible.
The Velocity is the most accurate computerized measuring system in the industry. This system uses pinpoint lasers to measure and calculate your vehicles measurements. Using the Velocity we can accurately put your vehicles measurements back to factory specifications.
Our Visualiner1 Wheel Aligner is perfect for any job. With an eight sensor system for continuous calibration checking and frame damage assessment and 3-D animated illustrations, we can quickly find the problem and solve