What are OEM Parts? OEM stand for “Original Equipment Manufactured” parts. There are three main types of parts that can be put on your vehicle: OEM Parts, Aftermarket Parts and L.K.Q. (Like Kind and Quality) Parts. Each part type has its own benefits. OEM Parts: For starters, these are the parts that are made by the same people who made your vehicle. Only OEM parts ensure that a vehicle can be brought back to pre-accident condition. These parts have been through all the safety tests that your vehicle make has been through. Warranties for the vehicle will remain in force if there is a current warranty in place. To research what the manufacturers have to say about these parts, please go to their respective web-sites:
Ford, GM, Chrysler

What are After Market Parts: These are parts made by companies other than the manufacturer of your vehicle. Aftermarket parts are generally cheaper than OEM parts but have a higher chance of not matching the tolerance, thickness, and shape of OEM parts; they can have a higher rate of leakage, wind noise, imperfect fit, and or some other type of distortion. These parts, also, are not tested for safety as vigorously OEM parts. Some features of vehicle manufacturers’ warranties may be in jeopardy when aftermarket parts are installed.

What are L.K.Q. Parts: These are used OEM parts. There is nothing wrong in using these parts. These are the parts that were made by your vehicle manufacturer. We inspect every LKQ part that comes here and if the part isn’t of the finest quality we send it back and find one that is, or use an OEM part if none others can be found.
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