We do all Foreign & Domestic cars. Whether Trucks and Small Busses, or your daily driver. We employ ASE Technicians that are Certified for your repairs to your auto needs


Experience. It’s what sets your business apart from the shop down the street. And experience is what makes Sikkens the world’s premium refinishing system.

For more than 200 years, Sikkens has been turning out one high-gloss, durable finish after another. Since Sikkens brought the industry’s first urethane technology
to North America in 1983, we’ve offered the industry’s most technologically advanced and innovative products that ensure a glossy, durable finish the first time, every time.

In shop after shop, we’ve shown how the powerful combination of technically proficient, experienced sales representatives, technologically advanced Sikkens products and real-world training and support can help you:

• Increase Throughput
• Reduce Re-dos
• Decrease Materials Cost

Use the green menu bar to browse through the site. You can find anything from detailed product information to Akzo Nobel training and from our special Low VOC product line to our easy-to-use Sikkens Simple Systems. If you still have questions, please find an office or distributor near you on the Contact Page.